Honeydress.com will not return items, they say they do but don't.

Olympia, Washington 0 comments

I ordered a simple dress for my wedding, in a standard size 2.I did not have it custom made so I could return it if it was not what I wanted.

The site says items must be approved for return within 7 day of receiving the item. Well it didn't look that great in person, and I didn't want it. I followed the return approval process and they denied my return. They also did not read my email clearly the 1st time I sent it.

(I had to send 3 emails to get my point across. They are not customer service based. They are only out to make money. They are based out of china, so BEWARE!!!

I obviously would not recommend doing ANY BUSINESS with this company, because if you get your order and don't like it or if it doesn't fit, you are out of luck. The only way you get a return is if it was damaged in shipping, and you have to prove it was damaged in shipping.

Long story short...DON'T SHOP AT HONEYDRESS.COM you think you are saving money but you won't, especially with the high shipping fee.

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